Monday, 4 May 2015

April re-cap

I'm aware that the April re-cap is coming a little hot on the heels of the March re-cap, but at least I've remembered this month. I do like seeing this each month, so I am trying to remember.

This is how the Cloudsfatory 2014 SAL finished the month, definite progress!

This is how it started the month - I'm aware that these two are the wrong way round, but blogger will not let me put the pictures the other way round, and I can't work out why.
Heather as she started the month

And as she finished the month, kinda weird looking, but definite progress

 Dragon Rider as it started the month

And how it finished the month. Not a massive amount of progress, but a page finish means I moved on to another project.

Writing, also not bad, I managed 11344 words, so I hit my target, which I am very proud of, but I'd me a lot more proud if I hadn't done over 5000 of those in one day, begging the question of what I really did for the rest of the month? Oh well, word count is still work count.


gominam said...

Great progress esp. Dragon Rider, the colors so vibrant:)

Miamina said...

Great work! Well done :)

Linda said...

Great progress on all of them.


Bea said...

They're all looking good.

Lana said...

Great Progress all around!!

Mrs Milkybar Kid said...

They all look fantastic!

Clear Chan said...

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