Sunday, 20 November 2016

A tucking away and a welcoming

So, firstly I've had a bit of a grumble with Dragon Rider just recently which meant I didn't want to work on it and was putting off stitching because of it. so I've finished the colour I was on and decided to tuck him away for a while, work on a couple of other projects and then hope that the love for him returns. 
And we all know the best way to get out of a stitching funk, with something shinny and new of course! So here it is, the shinny new to make me happy! Once again, I've not had a massive amount of time so there isn't much to show, so you can't really tell what it is, but believe it or not that slightly egg shaped thing to the left is a shoe, although not a shoe that I could walk in.
This is from a desginer that I have liked since she started, and this is my first start from her so I'm looking forward to seeing how it stitches up!


Bea said...

Oh dear, poor Dragon Rider - is he never to feel the wind in his face? But a new start is a terrific cure all, although I am a bit dubious about that shoe! Enjoy.

Keebles said...

I feel your pain...I'm in a funk with Lilo and Stitch, but I've promised myself I'm going to finish it before I go back into normal rotation!

The Crafty Princess said...

You seem to be having a love/hate relationship with Dragon Rider, I totally understand. But if it means you stop stitching all together then it is best you give him a vacation for a bit. Hope you come back with renewed love for him though, he is too cool to leave out in the cold. New start New start New start. Love those words. I can't see the shoe either but I will enjoy looking out for it in the future.
xo Alicia

The Maiden said...

The best way out of a stitching funk is something shiny and new... wait a minute, is that why I have over 30 Wips?!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Sorry to hear that Dragon Rider is playing you up! Hopefully you'll come back to him soon.
I cannot guess what the new start is going to be!

Heather said...

Great start I hope you're out of the funk!