Saturday, 25 February 2017

He returns!

Dragon Rider has returned, I have temporarily stopped sulking with him, so he's getting a bit of love, I am determined that this page will be finished before I put him away, and after quite a good week this week, i'm hoping to get another good week this week coming, although I won't have as much time this week, but just a noticeable difference will make me happy.  This is page 10, and there are 21 altogether, so, after six years, I'm nearly half way through home, that is not a good record. But he is now my focus piece, so hopefully the second half won't take me quite as long, but I'm not quite as hopeful as I should be.
Second is the Granny Starbursts, which I do rather like the colour combo of. I'm trying to be organised and make them in order, so all the centres, all of round two, etc. So I'm currently in the process of making lost of tiny yellow circles. I have also realised that I'm going to have to take the white off the three that I've done. If I'm going to join as I go, doing the white was a mistake.


Renee said...

I love Spangler's dragons and enjoy seeing your updates on this one. It looks great!

Bekah said...

What a fun design! Good luck on the next page and with the second half of the design.

The Crafty Princess said...

You're almost there! Good going stunner and good luck with the page finish. I'm sure you will fly through the second half now that he is a focus piece.
xo Alicia

Heather said...

Beautiful progress!

Sok Sareth said...

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