Sunday, 19 February 2017

I surrender

I've finally accepted defeat and accepted that the lure of Dragon Rider has become stronger than the lure of Belle, as beautiful as she is. I do still love her, but I don't have a very long attention span, and combined with the fact that I've had very little free time over the last few weeks so haven't really had a chance to work on her, I've got it into my head that it's time to move on, and poor Dragon Rider has been around for years, so he's always worthy of a bit more love and attention. 
Secondly I've started a new baby blanket, I ummed and ahhed over these colours for a while, but am finally happy with them, although there are  still a couple of different ideas that I'm playing with for how to lay the blanket out. This is the Granny Sunburst square (I used Bella Coco's tutorial) in King Cole Cherished


Babs said...

You have to do what you like. I was stitching Witching Hour, but now started Crab Apple and not so drawn in to it because of all the greys, I hoped it would be more greenish.

Heather said...

Great stopping point. I'm at the same point with all of the black on haed museum shelf. It's not even a lot but after 4 pages I'm tired of it lol