Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Wedding stuff for those that are interested!

I tend not to post much personal stuff on my blog, but I'll put a little bit here.
I'll try to keep this vaguely crafty, but there will be a couple of gratuitous wedding pics as well... this was out guest book, everyone signed a heart and stuck it to the tree... actually Ben's discovery and so lovely.
This cake was made by one of our friends, and we're so grateful to her, she did an incredible job. The wedding was literary themed, and the colours were purple, so this was perfect.
Showing off my homemade bouquet, probably my biggest crafty project from the wedding... I couldn't believe how long all the flowers took me.
Gratuitous wedding pic. We haven't got our professional photos back yet, but he put this up as a sneak peak, and I love it.
Incredibly attractive selfie with my friends from back home, it's so unattractive, and I absolutely love this picture!
Other half loves this sweets, so we had to have a sweet table, and rather hiring someone to do it for us, we decided that we'd much rather do it ourselves, and we have so many sweets left over, so many sweets!
Gratuitous dress shot with a cute flower girl!

The things that my friends agree to do for me... this was some of the poor ladies from me hen do.


Keebles said...

Seriously, your dress is one of the most original and gorgeous dresses I've ever seen! That pop of purple just makes it! I don't ever plan to get married again after the first failure, but if I ever do, your dress is definitely an inspiration!

The Crafty Princess said...

Everything is just so you! I love your dress, it's amazing. And the cake, I would have hated to cut it, it's too cool! I love how your wedding incorporated the both of you as it should. Some weddings I've been to, you can tell the groom had absolutely no say in anything or wasn't represented in any way. You guys are a perfect match. I'm so happy for you both stunners!

xo Alicia

Justine said...

Congratulations! It looks like a very special and personal occasion. Your dress is beautiful and original and your cake is amazing!

phann son said...

Ohh pretty! I have got my L-plates on for crochet. I'm making a beanie!