Sunday, 10 September 2017

Crochet heavy

Firstly, I've been rubbish again, I know, I am still struggling for time a bit, but I'm hoping to have a slightly more productive week this week... and I'm also aware that the continuing progress of a blanket isn't always the most exciting thing to show. However, this blanket is finally coming together, I'm on the border, I've done a row in doubles in white, just to tidy it up, I'm now doing a row in triples in the yellow, and I've got a floofy border planned in green and purple. It's a border that I've seen made but never seen a written pattern for, so that could be an interesting experiment for me.
As is often the case when a project is nearly finished (especially a project that I'm making as a gift, so it's become a bit of a duty project), I'm starting to think about other projects. So I have given myself the odd half hour to work on other things this week. Not quite enough time to justify getting my stitching out, but a simple crochet project. This yarn is beautiful, it's the softest thing I've ever felt. I originally bought it at Yarndale and Kerry and I literally crossed the aisle to stroke the beautiful feeling yarn while going 'oooooh'. I think it's alpaca, although I'm ashamed to say that off the top of my head I can't actually remember. It's really chunky as well, so it will be one of the snuggliest blankets ever made!
And finally, a bit of a play with a pretty yarn... it's sock weight, which I've never worked with before, but I've been wanting to try a virus shawl for a while, so this seemed like a good idea. And I'm ashamed to say that for all the pretties I own, this is actually my first time working with hand-dyed as well... I have many plans for the ones that I own, I promise, there will be more hand-dyed pretties posts coming in the (okay, maybe slightly distant) future.
And finally, for those of you who are sick to death of yarn posts, I'm hoping to get some stitching in this week. I'm currently debating the project I should be working on or the project I want to work on, but either way, hopefully there will be some stitches in my (not so distant) future!

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rosey175 said...

No! How could we be sick of yarn posts! That sock yarn is fabulous and will make a fabulous virus shawl.

Great work on the blankets but you are gonna go nuts with all those ends LOL.