Sunday, 29 April 2018

I'm back!

Excuse the radio silence, we've been away. We went to Japan which was my absolute bucket list trip and our trip of a life time for our honeymoon. It was an amazing trip (and I will put up some pics and stories at some point if people are interested)  but it does mean that I haven't really been able to do any stitching. We got back about a week and a half ago, and Thursday was the first time I've managed to pick my stitching up. I've got a little bit to show, I'm so close to finishing her shoe off, and her knee is also now complete. I'm going to optimistically say that I'll finish it this week (hahaha) but I've got a couple of mid week days off this week, so it's looking hopefully.
Hope everyone has had a good month in my absence and happy stitching!


Merlynn said...

Please put pictures of your trip, I really want to see. I hope you had a great time. ^^
Thank you !!

rosey175 said...

I do hope there's a ton of nerdy pictures ahaha~ Glad your trip was so awesome :D

The Crafty Princess said...

Welcome back! Glad you had a great time. Now get stitching stunner
xo Alicia