Sunday, 24 June 2018

It's still a leg, but it also has an arm...

Do dragons have arms? I don't know what else to call it, as it's definitely not a wing (although they are there too), so I'm going to have to refer to it as an arm... and now that I think about it, I'd better hope he's got arms, or else how is he steering that motorbike? More accurately it's actually an elbow... yup, once again I've moved my nose more that four inches away from it, and suddenly the whole has come into focus.

I was planning on finishing his leg this week, but it hasn't quite happened, however I didn't plan on getting as much below his leg done as I have so it sort of evens out. As is often the case, all the colours in that little patch just below his belly are also in the silver and blue of the bike, so as they were out I did that bit as well, but it meant that the leg isn't quite done, but I'm on the last colour, so hopefully not much longer until it is... and then hopefully I'm not that far off a page finish (sssh, don't say it too loud)

And secondly, the crochet is back out (because this is the weather to be working on blankets, but never mind). I was slightly enviously watching people crocheting at my craft group last week and figured that it was definitely time for mine to come out. Sadly, the first thing I did was frog 13 rows of the project on the right, but I'm back on that now, and on the left is my third attempt at working out what to do with one of my many whirls. I like corner to corner blankets, so hopefully this is the one. We'll see what happens anyway.


The Crafty Princess said...

I read this post at work and I started a debate about dragons having arms and legs. And the consensus was that some have 4 legs as they walk on them but some dragons have arms. We agreed that Spanglers dragons have arms as they use them like humans do, ie ride a motorbike. So there you go stunner. It is his arms according to VGK Penrith. LOL!

He is coming along so well. Great stitching progress, Kim.
xo Alicia

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