Monday, 1 October 2018

Sorry I'm late!

I've been remiss in my posting recently, so here's a little bit of a catch up post, although not as much as I'd like seeing as last week was a tad busy at work.
First up, I've recently started a blanket as a present for a friend and this is where I've got up to, which I'm pretty happy with after a week and a half. I'm currently averaging two colours a day, but I'm pretty sure that that's now slowing down. It's such pretty and happy colours, which is the purpose of the gift, and I do love a nice repetitive blanket, good TV crochet!

Dragon Rider is growing, albeit incredibly slowly. I haven't had much chance to pick it up recently, so I'll take any progress right now, and I'm hoping to get a bit more done this week.

In other news, it was Yarndale this week, so I may have done a little bit of shopping. Behold the reason why I won't be allowed out unsupervised for a while ;-)

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rosey175 said...

ermahgerd that pile of fluff to be spun in the last picture! The one in front looks like unicorn hair!