Sunday, 27 June 2010

Tenderness and to long since I've last updatred

Two weeks update on Tenderness, I did loads last week but this week's been much less productive, after a slight explosion at work on Wednesday (almost literally, my sewing machine was making some fascinating burning smells at one point). But here is the progress, I'm hoping to get this page finished today. Ben's off to watch the football and a barbeque with mates so that gives me a quiet afternoon to do what I want so it's going to be either a film or an audio book and my stitching for the afternoon.
Oh yeah, and trying to forget that I've got a dentists appointment tomorrow :-(
Does anyone remember the Sweet Valley High books by the way? I read most of them when I was a kid, and I've recently got it into my gead that I want to re-read them, and while you used to be able to get them in every charity shop you now can't get them anywhere, and I'm having to trawl amazon and ebay for them. Also, does anyone else remember the Trebison school stories? I never knew anyone else who read them.


Kttycat said...

Your project is looking great! I do remember the Sweet Valley High books, but I don't think I ever heard of the Trebison school ones. Good Luck finding the sweet valley ones.

Dani - tkdchick said...

What a beautiful WIP... I remember SVH but I never read them myself I was a Nancy Drew girl then moved onto Fantasy!