Saturday, 26 March 2011

A smush of Dragon Rider

So, here it is, my last Dragon Rider update before it gets put away for a few weeks as I work my way through my other rotations.
I am quite chuffed with how much I've got done, each time I've put a picture up I've really been able to see the difference between the latest and last updates, so that makes me happy, although the fact that I had a week off between jobs really helped that. I'm starting to see shades in it now, which I wasn't for a long time. You can see the greens and browns at the bottom and the splashes of brighter blues look great.
You wouldn't believe it but I've had to do one symbol three times (which yes, means I've had to unpick it twice). I don't know what it is that I had against this symbol, but I kept stitching it in the wrong colour. The first time, I can almost understand my mistake, the symbol was a 6 but I did the colour that was the symbol for 5, but the 5 was directly below the 7 in the list, so I think I saw the shape and asumed that it was the 6. Stupid, I know. Then, took it out and replaced it, only to find that I'd done the wrong colour a second time because apparently I can't read across in a striaght line. But never mind, it's all corrected now.
I am a little disappointed because after two weeks you can't really see anything, it really is just a smush. If you're interested this is the top left page, so it's tree, with light shinning through it, but at the moment it's smush. But I am quite excited because I can see it developing, and I'm already looking at what will be the next page (the page below this one) and there are bits of that that I really want to get onto, but I'm being good and finishing this page before I move on.

In other news, I've now started my new job, I'm settling in and think that I'm learning my way round and working out what I'm going to do. So woohoo!

And finally, I'm thinking of getting Kindle (e-reader). Does anyone have one? What's it like, what do you think of it? Is it worth it? Personally I'd only get a WiFi one, not bothered about the 3G, I'm thinking that they might be quite useful for travelling and holidays. But at the same time, I am a great lover of proper books and I just can't decide.

And really finally - this is my 100th post, so I will be doing a giveaway, but, one of the things that I want to do, I'm waiting for it to arrive in the post, it was posted from America about a week ago so hopefully it'll be here soon and then I can get it all sorted.


Crystal said...

Great progress on your HAED, sorry about the frog visiting what a pain.

anojaa said...

I can see your progress: it's great! I've also had my lot of unpicking (in another project, I may have let them if they weren't obvious, but in an Haed, I can't. With all those confettis, you don't know which touch of brown or blue is going to add that special touch). That was my resolution last week, finish one page before startinf somthing else, but I've already kitted a fabric for a new one... :) Hope you will a better girl than me!
As for the kindle, I don't know, it's easy for travelling. But I know I will miss the touch, the smell,etc of the real thing.
Happy stitching and reading

Joysze said...

I think it looks great, Kim. These things are so big that progress seem to take awhile, but as I always reminded myself, you're stitching teeeeeny tiiiiiiny stitches. :)

Oh *grooooan* I hear ya about those symbols that are similar... YUCK!!

Great going on the new job!!! I hope you have loads of fun with it.

Don't have a Kindle... I prefer proper books, hehehe. BUT, I have friends who loves theirs. I suppose it's handy, that's for sure.

Lesleyanne said...

Lovely progress. I can definitely see the difference. Sorry about the frogs I know the feeling. I prefer proper books to be honest but I don't have a kindle. Glad you are getting okay on your new job.

The Crafty Princess said...

Wow I love all your charts. Especially the Spangler and Maia chart. So beautiful! You wrote on my blog that you were jealous of some of my Wips but I'm jealous that you managed to keep your Wips down to 4. That's awesome restraint, but I am a self proclaimed serial starter which is why I started the blog. It's helped alot only had 2 new starts in the last 4 months. LOL!

Great work on Dragon rider I can't wait to see more of him, such a cool chart.

Alicia xo

Topcho said...

Great progress on this, it's really visible! Good luck with it and your other wips as well

Kttycat said...

Great progress! Can't wait to see this one progress more.

I've thought about getting an e-reader of some sort but I just love the feel and smell of paperback books I don't know if I could go without.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Looking forward to seeing more of the dragon. I always start in the middle which usually is the more interesting part of a picture, you have more patience than me.

Re Kindle - work of the devil!!! Although I can see they have their uses, they can never replace real books for me.

Annette B said...

Before long a pic will emerge. I know the pain of unpicking a colour a couple of times. Third time lucky.

Justflo said...

Great progress. I.m trying to catch up on blog reading.

Congrats on your 100th. post.

Looking forward to seeing your future progress.

Mrs Dibble said...

A friend of mine has something similar to Kindle and she thinks it is great...but I have to say I have audiobooks on my iPod and find them can stitch and read, or walk and read or do almost anything and read all at the same just have to learn to concentrate on the words because you can't skip back a few sentences if your brain whizzes off elsewhere....but I recommend them.

Aussie Stitcher said...

Dragon Rider is coming along. I had a similar experience with my Celtic Banner, but my problem was with not understanding where the bottom of the page was DOH!! I have started Little Snap Dragon after seeing yours, you are very naughty LOL.