Monday, 30 May 2011

Oh look - a bit more black!

The title says it all really, I've added a bit more black to the stitching and it's getting gradually bigger. You never know, I might actually finish it eventually, it seems like I've been stitching black for ages, and it doesn't really seem to be getting any bigger.
Having said that, I haven't really had much stitching time this week, so I'm going to give it a second week and try and get this page finished this week, look, a flying pig!
You may notice the colours and detail are a little different to my usual pictures this week. I've just inherited a new camera and it's a lot posher than my old one!


Anonymous said...

Oh it really seems to have a touch of black! But the greens and blues light it up a bit :)
I believe in you to get this page done (sometimes I feel like it could need a new color, maybe black? ;) )
Your stitching is still wonderful :)

Topcho said...

Looking good! There is a lot of black but the greens and the blues stand out nicely! And it's cool, I can see more clearly the trees now, and is this a piece of the dragon's wing? :o) Cool!

Lonneke said...

You see flying pigs too?! hahaha!

Stitching a lot of black can be a challenge but it's such a cool design!
And, stitching a lot of the same color means no confetti and therefore more speedy stitching! ;)

TammyK said...

I see a flying pig too :) Nice progress.

Justflo said...

Congrats on your black progress. I can see the trees coming along well.


Joysze said...

GOR-GEEE-OUS!!! Isn't it amazing how those colors are popping so beautifully? Love it!