Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Memory's Wake & IHSW

I know I've got quite a few HAED fans following my blog, so that possibly means that I've also got a few Selina Fenech fans following my as well. Personally I really love her work, as you can tell by the fact that Bubbles is my avatar and Lancelot & Guinevere was my first ever HAED pattern that I started, talking of which, I really must go back to that at some point soon, I've been missing it!
But, anyway, for those Selina Fenech fans that are reading this, did you know that she's recently released a book? Memorys Wake, written and illustrated by her fine self. I'm a fan of Selina on facebook and follow her blog and I can tell you that the art work is gorgeous, and I've read the first couple of chapters and am now well and truly hooked and am going going to have to read the rest as soon as possible. If you're interested in knowing a bit more about it, or in getting hold of a copy yourself then why not check out her website at

In other news, I didn't post for this months International Hermit & Stitch weekend, because I managed about 50 stitches in cream and you can barely seem them so it would have been a pointless post.

Happy stitching (and reading) all!

EDIT: Just remembered, mdgtjulie asked me about how the theory test works in the UK for those who care read on... if not, just stop at the last sentence and pretend this bit doesn't exist.
I've actually been learning for a while, the test in the UK is split into three, but you can start driving on the roads (as long as you've got an instructor or someone who's over 21 and passed their test 3 years ago or more in the car with you) before you've done any of the tests, so I'd had nearly 15 hours of lessons before I did my test this weekend. I did 2 parts of the test, a multiple choice and a hazard perception (they show you videos and you click when you see a hazard), so now I'm just continuing with my lessons and waiting for my instructor to decide that I'm no longer dangerous and agree to me using her car to do my test! And I think she's starting to be convinced so woohoo!


Joysze said...

Those 50 stitches would have been just fine for the IHSW. ;) Next time, join on in and if it's cream again, you could make a game of "find the stitches" out of it. ;)

mdgtjulie said...

It's a little different here. You have a three part test. There's written (what you would call theory, I'm guessing), road test (which is just what it sounds like), and maneuverability test (where you have to make the parallel parking motions through five cones). You have to pass all three parts to get your license. The hardest, I think, was the third part. I passed it on the first try though, as I took a course and they let you use your little class car to take the test. It would have been way difficult in the car my parents had me driving. It was a nineteen eighty Mercury Grand Marquis. Huge old boat, lol. I sooooo like little cars. Wishing you luck on passing the drivers part!!