Monday, 26 March 2012

Liebster Mark II

I got nominated again, which I'm very proud of, this time by the lovely Otter's Ocean, thank you so much chick.
The rules of the Liebster are listed a couple of posts below. This time I'm going to nominate...
A Riot Patch of Pixels because she's got some absolutely gorgeous patterns, love them
Faerie because she has wonderful taste in charts
Fairies, Dragons & Mermaids, a shared bog with so many beautiful projects on the go, and must if you love fantasy design stitching.
Just Another Flamingo on the Lawn mainly because I love the name, but also because her stitching is beautiful
Stitchandie again, there's some gorgeous stitching going on.

So, 5 more random facts... I struggled to come up with 5 last time.

1. I used to do operetta (Gilbert & Sullivan), and unfortunately there is video evidence
2. Geek and proud (the proud is new, but I'm working on it!)
3. I'm developing a shoe fixation - Irregular Choice are wonderful
4. I think I just burnt the sleeve of my dressing gown (I know, such a classy bird)
5. I want to learn sign language


Pull the other thread said...

Well done again, that's great. Just shows how much we love your work :)

mdgtjulie said...

Good job to you. I got it twice too (and gave it to fifteen people, because I'm a rebel, lol). I would love to learn sign language too. I think it would be helpful.

weustygirl said...

good going you for getting number 2, not surprising though, your work is lovely

Faerie said...

Congrats on getting 2nd place and thank you for the nomination =) xx

Joysze said...

Double nomination!! Awesome. :D