Saturday, 17 March 2012

A quiet page

Good morning everyone. Here's my latest update on Dragon Rider, I had a really productive weekend last weekend, and then have barely had a chance to touch it all week. I'm actually kinda annoyed with myself, because I did get so much done last weekend, and for having a day free I wasted most of my day doing nothing then picked this up early evening. If I'd only got my ass into gear earlier I could have had this page prettym uch finished by now.
It has to be said that there isn't really much happening on this page, just some grass and path. I thought I was going to get onto the tyres this page, but I mis judged and it looks like it's going to be the last page along.
I've been hunting for Mark Spain charts, and requested them from Michele and HAED, but she said they couldn't get permission. Then one of the girls on facebook sent me a link saying that Mystic Stitch had some, so I just accidently bought 5, but 5 charts for $35, which is pretty good. That's why I bought 5, it was the same price as 2 would be normally.


Pull the other thread said...

Your progress is great. I hate when that happens, I end up feeling all guilty when I think I should have been doing something more productive.

Pauline said...

What is that all about Mark spain?
Please can you take a picture of it?
I am curious!

Topcho said...

Oh, lets not talk about not being productive and procrastinating and so, because then I should better go in some dark place and grow the mushrooms of guilt.
But! Your page looks wonderful! I'm pretty surious about those Mark Spains so I should go and ask uncle Google :)

sharine said...

Dragon rider looks great!

weustygirl said...

gorgeous, gorgeous work. Thank you for sharing your lovely stitching. I have just been given the Liebster award by a friend and am passing this onto you as well. The details of it are on my blog thanks for your wonderful blog and gorgeous work

Ewa said...

LOL I love that you "accidentally" bought 5. That's awesome :)