Saturday, 25 August 2012

Clara's completely addictive

I do love working on Clara, she's completely addictive. My first Hannah, and defintiely not my last, she's so lovely to stitch!
This is the 3rd page completed (well, the black completed anyway), I really want to carry on working on her, although I'm going to try and put her down and work on something else, even if it's only for a couple of hours, but I think I'll be back on her again pretty soon. If you want to see a more progressed verstion of her check out Megan's blog, she's absolutely flying through. She started after me and is already well ahead.
We're off out tomorrow cos Ben's taking me to Whitby, but other than that we don't really have much planned, so I'm hoping to have quite a productive stitching weekend, especially after having such a stitchless week. I put Clara down last Saturday and didn't get a chance to pick her up again until last night, I really missed her too!
It's been a busy week though. Our local football club had an opening of their new hospitality suite on Tuesday so I managed to get invited to that through work, then on Wednesday I won tickets to go and see Philippa Gregory give a talk as part of her book tour, she was really interesting, and much more entertaining than I expected her to be. I really like her books so I was quite chuffed to win the tickets, especially as I also week a set of her latest quartet of books


tadamama said...

I love Philippa Gregory! How cool you got to hear her speak! And Clara's looking wonderful!

Karen said...

How sad to have a stitchless week, but it sounds like you've been having some good, non-stitchy fun, so I guess it's okay. ;-)

Love your Clara!

Anonymous said...


Clara is looking great!
I have read one of Phillipa Gregory's novels.
Hope you enjoy Whitby!

Holly x

sharine said...

She is looking awesome. Hannah's are very addictive.

Lana said...

Lucky you getting to hear Philippa Gregory! I LOOVE her books! Great progress on Clara!

Lesleyanne said...

Clara is looking gorgeous. Congrats on meeting Philippa Gregory and enjoying it so much.

Maureen said...

I do really like a good Phillipa Gregory novel - lucky you on hearing her talk.

Hope you enjoyed Whitby, always fancied visiting there, especially after reading Dracula last year..

megan_bright said...

Love it!!