Wednesday, 31 December 2014

2014 achievements and 2015 targets

I love this time of years, when I look back on how I managed on last years targets and what targets I'm setting myself for 2015, sad but true!

So, starting with the targets I set myself for this year:

One page on Joan Elliott: FAILED
One Page on Dwarven Leader: FAILED - but I have at least worked on it
Two and two half pages on Dragon Rider: FAILED - I completed two half pages
1.5 Pages on Lancelot and Guinevere: FAILED - apparently I haven't worked on this at all this year, that actually really surprised me
1 Page on Winter's Majesty: FAILED - nothing, again
1 page colour on Clara: FAILED - although I have done a bit of colour
2nd row of black on Heather (5.5 pages): DONE
1 page Tale of the Red Swans: DONE
1 Page Rendezvous: DONE
2.5 Girlsof the World: FAILED - again, nothing
1.5 pages of P&P: FAILED - I did half a page though, so that's something
Start Japenese Chatelaine: FAILED
1 page Apocalypse Princesses: DONE - woohoo
Finish something: DONE - two finished actually, thank goodness for weddings and christenings
Start birth or wedding sampler (possibly both): DONE - as well as the above finish I've also started Bothy Cut Thru Noah's Ark

So basically, overall, I didn't do very well on last years stitching targets. 

Not stitching targets
Learn to make crotchet Granny Squares: DONE - I did managed it, but I haven't made one since learning
Write 10,000 words a month (its less than 350 a day, so less horrendous than it sounds): Managed this a couple of times this year, but not every month. However my annual word count was 65654 so I'm taking that as a win.
Take part in NaNoWriMo and manage more than the 11,000 words that I managed this year: I didn't take part, but I did manage 22,000 words that month, so I'm going to take that as a win!
Start looking into the logistics of a stitchers retreat: FAILED - again. There has been talk of it, but it hasn't happened
Get better at gingerbread houses: FAILED: I've done nothing, again

So, having seen how badly I did on last years targets, lets see what unnecessarily ambitious targets I can set myself for this year:

Stitching Targets:
Madame: 1 page
Dragon Rider: 3 and 1 half page
Heather: full row - 5.5 pages
Cloudsfactory: Border and Jan - April
Our Seasons: 1 page
In Her Room: 1 page
Le Pas du Sucre: 1 page
Rendezvous: 1 page
Winter's Majesty: 1 page
Elsa: 1 page
Joan Elliott: 1 page
Dark Hope: 1 page
World Collection: 1.5 girls
Lancelot and Guinevere: 0.5 page
Pride and Prejudice: 1 page
Tale of the Red Swans: 1 page
Promise To Heart: 1 page
Clara: 1 page
Dwarven Leader: 1 page
Apocalypse: 1 page

There have been a lot of new starts this year, so I'm trying to limit them next year. I have allowances, but other than those listed below I'm not allowed to start anything else
Heroes and Villains by Aimee Stewart from HAED - the artwork's been sent so I'm waiting for it to be released
Ex Machine by Cris Ortega from HAED - the artwork's been sent so I'm waiting for it to be released
Heathcliffe and Cathy / Robin Hood and Marion from Cross Stitch Collection
A secret gift
99 bottle of beer from Ink Cirlces
Winter Geisha from Love Thy Thread
I have two (hopefully three) pieces of artwork that I've had permission to get charted for personal use, I'm not guaranteeing that I'll be able to resist starting one of those.
Presents for others because I can't dictate when or if those will happen.

I know that it's still a relatively open list on new starts, but I know that saying none at all would be a pointless lie!

Non-stitching targets:
10,000 words a month (again - I'm getting closer)
Work on stitchers retreat!

Ridiculously ambitious, as usual, but it's fun to try


sharine said...

Well done on what you did achieve. Good luck in 2015 :)

Rachel Tomkins said...

I concur with Sharine above - think about the stitching you did achieve. You had so many new starts that it would have been unrealistic for you to have achieved last year's goals. And what you did stitch is beautiful and noticeable. Goalposts move, although having said that, good luck with your 2015 targets and your suppression of new starts. I'll be watching.....! :)

Bea said...

I think you accomplished a lot. Good luck with the 2015 goals - both the stitching and the not starting.

Happy New Year!

Shebafudge said...

It a funny thing isn't it? How we see the lists? I look at your goals for 2014 and see a lot of them met! I think you have done really well for the year :)

Good luck with all your stitchy plans for the new year. I will enjoy seeing your progress. xx

Monique said...

I also set myself ridiculous goals (granted not as ambitious as yours:-) but even though I know they are ridiculous, I still hope to complete them. So I totally understand where you are coming from.