Wednesday, 31 December 2014

2014 progress - picture heavy

Apocalypse Princesses as it finished 2013

Apocalypse Princesses at they finished 2014 - Jasmine has a face

Clara as she finished 2013

As she finished 2014 - there is a bit more colour in there

Cloudsfactory 2014 SAL was a new start for 2014

Dark Hope was also a new start for 2014

Dragon Rider as it started 2013

Dragon Rider as it finished 2014 - probably the most noticeable change of the year

Dwarven Leader at the end of 2013

And at the end of 2014 - there is a difference, just not much of one

Elsa was a new start for 2014 - and is hardly a start at all

Heather at the end of 2013

Heather at the end of 2014 - other noticeable difference

In Her Own Room was a new start for 2014

Start and finish photo - how embarassing

Le Pas Du Sucre - new start for 2014

Madame - another new start for 2014

Noah's ark - yet another new start for 2014 - are you seeing a theme?

Our Seasons - another 2014 new start

Pride and Prejudice at the end of 2013

And at the end of 2014, I finally finished the cream

Promise to Heart - a new start for 2014

Tale of the Red Swans - a new start for 2014

Rendezvous - a new start for 2014

Snowdrop Fairy - start and finish photo - oops

Winter's Majesty - start and finish photo, this is now two years without progress, I have to work on this in 2015

World Collection, also no progress this year

My first finish of 2014 - Together Forever from Love Thy Thread (sadly no longer trading), an intended wedding gift

Second finish of 2014 - Animal Fayre from Bothy Threads, also a gift, this time a christening present


rosey175 said...

Even if there was no progress on some, there was SO MUCH progress on others I think it more than evens out! Especially Dragon Rider, that was only a gazillion stitches, right?! You'll have a fantastic 2015. :D

Shebafudge said...

There is actually loads of progress on some of them! I can see a difference, no matter how small and all progress is good progress. It makes it closer to a finish, even if that finish is 10 years away like on some of mine!

Good luck with 2015 (Please can we see more progress on P&P...I love Mr Darcy!

Annie said...

Such alot of beautiful stitching last year! So it was spread out over many projects, but it still counts:)
Best wishes for a fabulous 2015! Looking forward to more great stitching from you.

Neilteil said...

Well done! A stitch is a stitch no matter what project it's on ;) Look forward to seeing your progress in 2015!

Pull the other thread said...

Great stitching. I agree with the others a stitch is a stitch closer. Good luck with your goals for 2015.

Miamina said...

You made progress, which is great! You got a lot stitched, it's just spread out over a few (well....a lot) of projects!

Well done, I look forward to seeing all the stitching that happens next year!

Emma/Itzy said...

Progress is progress, and more importantly for fun :) As long as you enjoyed yourself!

Good luck with your aims for 2015

The Crafty Princess said...

What a great post, full of pretty pics and you made me laugh. Don't be embarrassed about the no progress wips. I've got a gazillion of those stunner LOL! I will have to put my progress 2014 together too. You've inspired me. I think overall you had a great year. Lot's of awesome new starts and 2 FINISHES!! Can I get a woop woop! :D
xo Alicia