Saturday, 21 February 2015

Actual progress!

The title says it all, after not having anything to post about last week because I was working on my secret stitch I've got lots to show this week. Having finished my secret stitch - I'll post a pic once it's been gifted, I've had time to work on other projects this week, and I've actually had stitching time so I have actual progress to show. My target this week was to finish the second partial page of Madame from Tilton Crafts by Victoria Frances, due to a surprisingly successful day I actually achieved that by the end of Monday. I love this project, it's stitching up beautifully and the cobwebs look fantastic! For people who like to know these things this is stitched on 25 count, 1 over 1, full crosses.
Secondly I have a new start (I know, absolutely no will power). I'm not letting on what this is just yet, but I'm loving seeing it stitch up. I'll hopefully show what this is going to be like next week when I've got a bit more progress to show. This was a bespoke chart from Paine Free Crafts after I got permission from an artist to get some of their artwork charted. I was quite childishly excited when Sarah sent me the mock up of this, and I'm really enjoying it. And again, for people who like to know these things this is stitched on 28 count, tented, 2 over 1, which is why I've already got so much progress to show.


Miamina said...

Woot! Well done :) I knew you wouldn't be able to go too long without a new start....ah well, life is too short not to! Go with what makes you happy and have no regrets!

Great progress :)

Linda said...

Nice progress.


Bea said...

Yay for progress! Looking good.

rosey175 said...

It's always so fun to blast by your goals ahaha. I love it when I have no idea what the finished product is going to be; all the fun of guessing! :D You've had lovely amounts of progress!

Rachel Tomkins said...

Great progress on Madame and what a tease about your new start! Roll on next week when we can actually find out what it is! :)