Wednesday, 30 December 2015

2016 Ambitions

It's that time again, the time where I start writing ridiculously ambitious targets / resolutions for 2016, so let's have a laugh, what did I achieve from last year, and what do I want to achieve this year?

So, there were the targets I get myself for 2015, this should be a laugh!
Madame: 1 page - DONE
Dragon Rider: 3 and 1 half page - FAIL - 1.5
Heather: full row - 5.5 pages - FAIL - 2
Cloudsfactory: Border and Jan - April - FAIL - haven't even finished the border
Our Seasons: 1 page - FAIL - haven't touched it
In Her Room: 1 page - FAIL - haven't touched it
Le Pas du Sucre: 1 page - FAIL - haven't touched it
Rendezvous: 1 page - FAIL - haven't touched it
Winter's Majesty: 1 page - FAIL - haven't touched it
Elsa: 1 page - FAIL - haven't touched it
Joan Elliott: 1 page - FAIL - haven't touched it
Dark Hope: 1 page - FAIL - haven't touched it
World Collection: 1.5 girls - FAIL - haven't touched it
Lancelot and Guinevere: 0.5 page - FAIL - haven't touched it
Pride and Prejudice: 1 page - FAIL - haven't touched it
Tale of the Red Swans: 1 page - FAIL - haven't touched it 
Promise To Heart: 1 page - FAIL - haven't touched it
Clara: 1 page - FAIL - haven't touched it
Dwarven Leader: 1 page - FAIL - haven't touched it
Apocalypse: 1 page - FAIL - haven't touched it

 Wow, didn't realise just how many projects I hadn't touched this year, might be time to start working on some of them, and actually getting some progress, but there are other projects that weren't on the list (mostly because they've all been new starts - oops) that have had work on them.
I've finished two wedding samples, We Are Geeks from Paine Free Crafts and one using Cloudsfactory motifs
A page of Ex-Machina
Two pages of Family Values
Three pages of Heroes and Heroines
One page of Ice Queen
Half a age of Winter Geisha

I've also started two crochet blankets
Made three twiddle muffs
One shark sock
Half a scarf
and made an entire cosplay from scratch

My non-stitching targets were:
10,000 words a month (again - I'm getting closer)

Work on stitchers retreat!
I had good months on the writing, but I also had really bad months, I managed 65843 words altogether this year, which is over half, and not all that bad.
I haven't touched the stitchers retreat, again!

So, 2016 targets:
Dragon Rider: 9 pages
Heroes and Heroines: 4 pages
Harley Quinn: 2 pages
Ex Machina: 1 page
Coudsfactory: Border and January
A Stitch in Time: 2 pages
Family Values: 2 pages
Ice Queen: 1 page
Our Seasons: 1 page

This is not all my projects (as many followers will know) but I'm at the stage where it isn't possible to work on each project every year and still show a decent amount or progress, so I've been (nominally) realistic. This is still two pages a month, and is still quite unlikely, but it prioritises some pieces and sticks to my existing rotation
I will try to limit new starts, this includes 2 new starts, Harley Quinn and A Stitch in Time, the only other new starts I intend to have are my usual exclusion of gifts, weddings, christenings etc.

Finish 2 blankets (both are intended as gifts so I sort of have to)
Make Ben's second sock
Start my colourful blanket (basic repeating pattern in beautiful wool)
Design my Ghibli graphgan, it doesn't have to be started, just designed

The rest of my life:
Write at least 200 words a day
Stitchers retreat (hahaha)
Improve my fitness, I was doing well, but ending my gym membership put a stop to that, so I need to start working on it again.

I know this posts aren't necessarily that interesting for other people, but if have to put it out there somewhere in the hope that I'll publicly shame myself into working on them


Bea said...

2 ambitious years back to back! Good luck with 2016.

Justine said...

Good luck in achieving your goals!

Heather said...

Lol it's your blog put what you want on it! I don't feel bad for not making my goals as I realize a lot of other people didn't either. Good luck on your goals this year. Happy new year I'm excited to watch your progress!

Shebafudge said...

Good luck with your goals for the year. I have decided not to set any this year - that way I can't fail!!

Emma/Itzy said...

Good luck with your goals for the year!