Wednesday, 16 December 2015

I've been a very bad blogger recently, I've also been a very bad stitcher, but I have been a much better crocheter recently. This is the start of a blanket that I'm making as a gift, world's simplest pattern, in the world's most garish yarn, I love it. I've also just discovered the Russian join, which is genius, it wouldn't work for colour changes, but for something like this where it's the same yarn over and over, it's great.
Secondly (and modelled by my rather chunky foot and shin)  is another gift that I'm working on (can you see a theme here?). These will be a pair of shark socks, so the shark is biting the ankle. They're fab, although I accept that this one doesn't look like much yet. But, considering that this pattern has been my absolute nemesis for the last 6 weeks, the fact that I've got this far is a miracle. I'm not wholly convinced that this is the right size for the intended person so I'm going to give them one with an IOU note for the second one.
Finally, I had a go with a pom pom maker for the first time today, it's easy, I like easy. This will be Rudolph's nose.


Bea said...

Both projects are looking good. Crocheting is my nemesis period - can do some basic stuff if I MUST, but much prefer to knit.

sharine said...

Great projects and I agree a corner to corner must be one of the easier patterns. I should get mine out and finish it lol

Heather said...

They look great! I've seen the socks before they should turn out really cool