Sunday, 26 November 2017

Page finish!

Hello again my dears, can you believe that I'm posting again, and I've got a page finish as well, who would have thought it a couple of months ago? The worm continues to grow, I'll give in now and own up to what it is, seeing as they're now being tucked away for a while, this is Spirited Away by Jonas Joedicke from Geckorouge. I love it, all the more that I've actually managed a half decent page finish for the first time since goodness knows when. I love the Studio Ghibli films, and am always glad to see charts come up, so I've got both of Jonas, and as soon as I get a Howl's Moving Castle chart I'll be so happy!

Second up my ripple blanket is growing, although at the moment it is distinctly more scarf like than blanket like. I'm wondering how many different dyers I can get into one blanket. So far I've got Truly Hooked, For the love of Yarn, Rhapsodye Yarns and All Wool that Ends Wool. I have many others to add to the blanket, loads of Verity's and a few other dyers as well. Sadly I've run out of black and black dye, so I'm waiting for my latest dye order to arrive so that I can get some more black dyed so I can carry on. It's been less than a week and I'm already missing this blanket so much. Despite the fact that I love the blend, this is also my first time actually working for silk blends, oh my word, it feels so lovely! A have a few more silks in the stash for this project so I look forward to using a few more of them.

EDIT: I'ven just gone back and looked, my last proper page finish (a decent sized page) was July 2016, that's horrendous. Right, let the stitching commence!


rosey175 said...

Oooo Spirited Away! The worm make sense now if it's Haku's scales haha. Howl's Moving Castle is my favorite Ghibli film though so that will be an exciting chart to see too! And I love how that little bit of rainbow yarn is working up in the Blanket-Currently-Scarf.

Renee said...

You've made great progress! The blanket is off to a gorgeous start!