Sunday, 5 November 2017


Excuse how excitable my title is, but I'm really excited by the fact that I've actually managed some stitching... enough stitching that there is recognisable progress, and enough progress that I've got two page finishes, granted they're both partial pages, but considering how little stitching I've actually been able to do this year, I will still take that as an absolute win.
Also, this is quite an excitable chart. More and more of my stitchy projects are showing my geeky side, partially because more and more designers are picking up geeky designs and artists, and partially because I'm becoming more comfortable with the geeky side of my personality.
Anyway, here is my wee start of Sailor Moon, so happy. I know it doesn't look much like Sailor Moon at the moment (check low down the side bar if you want to try and work out what this is) but, in the dark and distant future (as is often the case with my million and one projects) there will be the Sailor Moon girls as well.
Happy stitching my darlings!


Keebles said...

Congrats! I missed your stitching updates!

The Crafty Princess said...

Bring your geek on stunner! I love my fellow geeky stitchers. And you are so right, there is so much out there now for us it's exciting and concerning all at the same time LOL! Good luck with Sailor Moon the colours are great so far. Love that background colour.
xo Alicia