Sunday, 28 January 2018

He's survived onto his second week

We all know that I don't always have the best relationship with Dragon Rider, so every week that he manages to stay on the frame is another miracle. The target I set myself was to finish the moon, that didn't happen, but I have done bits that weren't included in that so it sort of evens out. I've managed to pick a couple of colours that actually give the page some shape to work from. I haven't had much time this week, so the fact that I've achieved this much is an absolute miracle, most days this week I've got home late from work had dinner and gone to bed, so my poor stitching (and consequently sanity) have suffered a little bit. I'm going to be (probably overly) optimistic and aim to have the sky finished by this time next week, so let's see how laughably far off that I am, especially as I've also got a couple of pieces of crochet that I want to work on next week. Also, I just sent a new pattern off to be printed, how long do we think I can last until I cave in?

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