Sunday, 11 March 2018

New start... like it's a surprise

We all knew it was going to happen, here's my shinny new start, and I love that it's looking like something already, it makes me so happy when I have something to show that actually looks like something. It does to me anyway, I'm hoping that isn't just because I know what I'm looking for. If not, picture someone sitting cross legged, here is a sneaker, a knee, a cute little cat and an elbow. I am so tempted to work on the cat first, but I'm being good and working upwards. Below is a picture of what this will look like in the dark and distant future. This is artwork by a fantastic American artist called Karen Hallion (link here), as this picture shows she does some fantastic geeky artwork, and this is her character called Celara. Karen was generous enough to give me permission to have some of her artwork charted, and this was one of the ones I picked as it's got several of my favourites in in. As with everything, it'll be months (haha - years) before it's finished, but at least she is already looking like something, I'm much keener to work on something when I can see it (her in this case) progressing. I should say by the way, this was charted for me by the lovely Stitchpix.

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