Sunday, 15 July 2018

I'm not getting bored of the new starts yet...

Don't worry, it's not another new start, just yet... give me another couple of weeks though, I promise nothing. So far I've made a page of red, and I pretty much think that that is what it's going to be, a whole page full of red. But I'm flying through it, I reckon I might just have it finished by the end of the month. If you're interested this is Aratama by Haruyo Maorito, and I've recently fallen in love with all of their artwork. This is my Japan memory piece as one of the  most exciting things about the trip was meeting Tomit-suyu, a trainee geisha and I've been trying to find the right piece since then. I think I'll have to do everything released at some point, but this is my favourite.

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The Crafty Princess said...

Not getting bored of new starts yet or ever !!!! This is such a beautiful chart. I love everything geisha and have a few in my stash too. Such a rich and vibrant stitch. It's going to be fun one, this one
xo Alicia