Sunday, 12 August 2018

Slow and steady

 The crochet is back out, a combination of my spinning and the slightly cooler weather means that I've been able to get yarny projects without feeling like I'm going to melt. I put this away when I got about eight colours in to it and realised that there was a mistake in it, it was definitely tapering in. So I pulled it back to the first row and started it again and I'm now at the lovely point of doing new bits, I'm not just repeating the bits that I did wrong the first time, I'm now doing new bits. It's not looking like a blanket yet, but it's starting to get there. Plus if if was too blankety I wouldn't be able to work on it because, despite the fact that it has got cooler I don't want to be working on something that is still a massive blanket, so I can probably work another five to ten rows before I start to melt and need to wait until October before I can work on it.
The stitching is growing, although not as fast as it should be. The brown continues, it continues to be worked on and it continues to be so brown, but as I had pointed out to me a few days ago, there are other colours I just haven't quite reached them yet, and sadly I won't reach them on this page, but at least I know that they're out there, waiting for me, one day.

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