Wednesday, 29 December 2010

A blatant plug

Good afternoon ladies and gents, I hope you've all had a glorious Christmas and are looking forward to New Year.
We spent Christmas was my dad and his fiance and had a lovely, albeit rather quiet Christmas, and of course all got completely spoilt. Dad and Shirl have given us the money to go to a local ski ramp, get me a couple of lessons and then a couple of hours skiing for the both of us. Ben really wants to go skiing but I refused to go on a skiing holiday without having a chance to try it first, so this is what we agreed to do.
Apart for from that, I got a couple of games for the Wii, Ben and I are now completely addicted to Lego Harry Potter, which is seriously going to cut into my stitching time if I'm not careful. Anyway, hope you all had a good Christmas and got whatever you asked father Christmas for.
Have you been shopping in the sales? We went today, but I didn't really  find anything, changed a jumper that I was given due to not being able to get my giant bum into the one I'd been given (too much Christmas chocolate methinks - and you should see how much is left), but didn't get anything else. Have a little money with which to treat myself, and am now debating what to spend it one. Indian Beauty Cross Stitch kit? Troll Beads bracelet? Yet more beautiful shoes? I'll have to have a think.

And now for the blatant plug. I have a new follower and am in return following her, and the lady in question is my dad's fiance, and I said that I'd give her a bit of a plug. If you're interested in paper craft then she's well worth a follow, so please pop over and give her a visit. Designs on Craft. There's some really lovely stuff over there. She does some amazing stuff, completely out of my skill level.
Have a look at the pictures, these are our Christmas card off her and my dad, the left one is the card flat as it first came out of the envelope, and the right is it all set up when it's all open. It's an easel card which are apparently very in this year. You make the easel card then need something at the front to prop the easel against. The front bit on ours pulls out, you can see the little ribbon on the right, it's a drawer that pulls out, and they'd put the money for our lessons in there.
Anyway, I said I'd give her a bit of a blatant plug, so pop over and see what you think.


Claire said...

Will have a look at the blog.Here is mine

Joysze said...

Those are a couple of beautiful cards, Kim. I loved Shirl's blog as well. :D

When are you going skiing? Have load of fun and don't break anything. And do tell what you decide to spend your extra money on. :D

Bec said...

I just had a look at Shirl's blog and all i can say is WOW! She is one very talented lady!!
I'm now following her blog :)

The card she made for you is stunning!

Have a very happy new year

Shirl said...

Thanks for the blatant plug. Subtle!
hugs, Shirl x