Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Costume Chronicles and New Year

Another mid week post, what's going on?

Have you heard of Costume Chronicles? It's an online magazine released four times a year (I think) that's about costume dramas, with a theme each magazine, the current one (and the next one) being Austen. It's completely free and written and produced by people who do it for fun. I recommend it, cos it's really interesting. If I'm honest, this edition I'm recommending it even more than usual cos they've taken an article of mine for the current edition, which I'm very excited about. But I recommend it for anyone who finds anything costume dramay interesting.

And secondly, what are everyone's New Year targets? I haven't taken up the Crazy 2011 challenge (I think that's what it's called), because I value my sanity and that could only end badly. In fact I'm not joining in any of the obvious challenges for the year, I'm just setting myself some targets.
So, what targets should I set?
1. Finish In Love (easy, should be able to do that quite happily)
2. Finish Little Snap Dragon (again, should be pretty easy, should be able to manage that without any real stress)
3. Finish Winter's Majesty (possibly, but I don't know, it's taken me about a year to do a page and a half, leaving four and a half pages for the next year. I'll give it a shot, but who knows)
4. Start and finish another birth sampler, we've got friends who I suspect are going to get Pregnant this year, and to stop the rush finish of the horrible Tatty Ted earlier this year I'm thinking that this time I should just start one and work on it in a leisurely fashion - I've found a really nice Newton's Law one, so I think I'll go down that route, or possibly a County Companions one cos I've always loved those.
5. Start my first HAED - I'm not going to lie to myself and say that I'm going to finish it, because we all know that that's not going to happen. But I do want to make a start on my first one, first question, which one should it be? I currently have Titania, Lance and Gwen & Bubbles (Selena Fenech) Iris, Alice in Wonderland, Queen of the Night (Meredith Dillman) and Mask of Colours (Linda Ravenscroft). Decisions decisions. I think it's either going to be Lance and Gwen, Bubbles or Alice in Wonderland because they're my favourites of the ones I own, but then I could end up being weak and buying another one between now and then.
6. Oh yeah, and I've joined Daffycat's TUSAL, although there isn't much there yet.
I'm going to cheat slightly, (on the targets, no on the TUSAL) cos I've got some time off for Christmas & New Year (ie my last day is the 23rd and I go back on the 4th - the time off was enforced, we all have to take it, and weren't massively happy about it at the time, but now I'm facing nearly two weeks off and that's quite a nice feeling) so hopefully I'll get some stitching done before the New Year, especially as Ben's got three half days between Xmas and New Year.
What does everyone think, any thoughts on if I can do it all, or which HAED I should do?
What challenges are everyone else setting themselves for the New Year?


Joysze said...

I haven't given any thought to challenges for the New Year. I find I don't do well with them. LOL! What are definitely in the plans is a Maria Williams SAL with 2 of my closest friends for New Year's Day. Of course, I'd definitely want to finish Taj Mahal next year. Then, I'm also considering either starting Panthera Leo (Steven Paul Carlson) or World (SPML).

My vote will be for Mask of Colors or Bubbles (she's so darn cute!!)

Stitching Noni said...

Just been looking on the HAED website and wow... love the Mark of Colours! I think that would be my choice or Alice in Wonderland or 3rd choice is Lance and Gwen.

As for stitching targets/challenges - mine will be to finish off my curent WIP, start a HAED or Winter's Majesty (or both) and stitch some quilt squares for the Australian Quilts 4 Kids. That's about all I will be able to handle which is I why I didn't join the crazy challenge either!! :-)