Friday, 18 February 2011

International Hermit and Stitch Weekend

It's that time again, are you joining in this weekend?
It's International Hermit and Stitching weekend this weekend coming (I know, I'm really late reminding people of this), so are you going to stitch with us?
Head on over to Joyce's blog and leave your address so we can see what progress everyone has made over the weekend.
I'm quite looking forward to it, I've barely had a chance to get any stitching done this week (ie the brown shmush is still looking pretty shmushy) so I'm quite looking forward to getting some done and actually hoping to see some progress. And if I don't get any progress, it's nice to see that there are other people out there making better progress than I am.
Talking of progress by the way check out Gizzimomo's blog. I've declared her to be the fastest stitcher in the west (if you think you're faster, let me know :-) ) she's done nearly a full page of her new HAED in a week.

And on an unrelated but it popped into my head, do you ever think about what'll happen to you stitching in years to come and even after you've gone? I have, which is why I raise the question, if you think about it, we're always seeing things to historical homes that young girls did hundreds of years ago to learn their needle skills. WIll people look at our stitching and talk about what it shows about the era? Will our stitching last long enough for this to happen? It's just a thought that amuses me sometimes!


Topcho said...

I've never thought what would happen after so many years. I rather wonder if people care and keep the stitched gifts I gave them. Recently I was glad to see that one of my friends does keep the cross stitched card I made her, and I was really glad!
I think I might join the Hermit day this time!

Shirl said...

It's an interestng thought. All I know is that your stitching will be around a lot longer than my paper crafting stuff.
Shirl xx

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Good question! My sons will keep the dragons I'm sure. Hopefully I'll have grand-daughters to appreciate the rest. Or I'll just sell them to pay for my nursing home.

I'll be like an impoverished artist giving my cross-stitch to care-assistants instead of paying them!