Saturday, 26 February 2011

Oh bother

My latest update, but I've now fallen out with it. I had done a lot more, but I was visited by the little green critters that go ribbit last night and consequently, spent as much time unpicking as I spent doing the stitching in the first place. As such I'm glad that I can now put it aside for two weeks and hopefully will be a lot less annoyed with it (and lets be honest, myself) when I next go back to. However, despite the frogs it is looking much more than it was when I last finished. I've finished the fourth page, technically the fifth (there were about 20 stitches) and am now on the sixth page so I'm well over half way now.
In other news, we've had a plumbing nightmare this last week and a half. We haven't had a shower for the last week and a half, we chased this up a couple of days ago and are now getting a new bathroom, which is very exciting. Then the day we found that out I managed to snap the top off one of the taps in the bath. I'm not that strong so I'm swearing that it was already rusted or similar. So, despite the fact that we're getting a new bathroom, in the mean time we had a plumber out yesterday replacing the tap that I snapped so that we do at least have somewhere to wash that produces warm water.


Crystal said...

Your stitching is looking beautiful despite the frog visit. So sorry about your plumbing problems but a new bath room very exciting.

Topcho said...

Nice progress! I see you already started the wings of the dragon, right? It's beautiful!

Joysze said...

Damn frogs!!! I hope you've flattened them nice and good so they don't visit again.

Boo for bad plumbing and rotten taps, YAY for a new bathroom!! How long will it take for them to get it done?

TammyK said...

Don't ya just hate it when the frogs come for a visit?? Congrats on the new bath :)

Shirl said...

Hi Kim.
Unpicking cross stitch is the worst thing in the world. I hope you did not have toomuch to do.
Well done on the new bathroom. That sounds great.
Love, Shirl x