Saturday, 1 October 2011

The start of Little Angel

Here's my first week on Little Angel. Seeing as I actually haven't had much time to work on it I'm quite happy with how much I've done and how fast it's stitching up. Despite the fact that I've done one and a half colours you can clearly see the picture taking shape, how often can you say that?
This is one of those projects that I know will look great when it's finished, but it's not really to my taste so there is an element of knowing that I have to work on it, as oppossed to wanting to. But as I say, it seems to be stitching quite quickly so hopefully it shouldn't be too much of a struggle to get it finished in time (as long as she's roughly on her due date, early January).
I started a second job yesterday (like my life isn't full enough), so I'm now waitressing at a local little restaurant two evenings a week, which is a bit of a catch twenty-two, because it means that I'll have more money to spend on my hobby (for the first time since being an undergrad I'll be being paid weekly and in cash - it's a bit like having pocket money again), but I'll have less time to work on the hobby. Although the money is going to be used for other things as well. I also have a couple of days off coming up in the next couple of weeks which will involve some stitching time. Off this coming Wednesday on a random day off, the following Thursday for my birthday (woo hoo, I'm such a kid, still get massively excited about my birthday) and then Ben's away for a conference that weekend as well, so a bit of a stitching marathon will (hopefully) happen in the next few weeks.
So what to work on next? The rotation has crumbled a bit in the last few weeks so I'm pretty much picking up whatever I want to work on for a week until I wor out what I'm going to have as my rotation. Was putting Little Angel away last night and debating what to work on next and as my brain was fried from an 8 hour office day then a 4 hour waitress shift I decided Ben could decide instead.
Me: What shall I work on next?
Him: (Surprisingly decided and almost excited) Dragon Rider!
Me: Is that because that's the only one you can name?
Him: (sounding insulted) No, you like Dragon Rider, you're working on the baby one as well.
All pretty true really, I do like Dragon Rider, and am generally referring to Little Angel as 'the baby one' myself. Anyway, England/Scotland rugby match has just started, so I'm off to stitch through that while Ben watches it and gets far to over excited for this time in the morning!


Stitching Noni said...

Hello! Isn't your Little Angel looking great - you can really see the picture coming out already!

It is now 1/2 time in the England/Scotland rugby match.... I couldn't believe that you are watching the rugby and blogging the same time as me! Enjoy!!

Stitching Noni said...

Sorry, forgot to say Happy Birthday for Thursday! My birthday is on Wednesday... and I too get excited even though it means another year older and another year closer to the big 50!

Have a great birthday!

Bec said...

wow! it is really taking shape quickly! It will look lovely once finished.

I went through the exact same dilemma when I was working last. More money - but little/no stitching time.

Happy Birthday for Thurday! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, it's amazing how it takes shape =)
I hope to see some stitching on Dragon Rider soon =)
I will do my best to remember your birthday on Thursdays, I hope I don't forget about it =)

Joysze said...

Little Angel is looking fab, Kim.

For some reason I don't have you email addy and couldn't reply to your comment. I could've swore I had your email addy.... ah well... yeah, I know about Macbeth with DT and PS. It's set in modern times so I haven't watched it yet.... but I will get around to it. I just want something where they're both good guys. ROFL!!!!!