Sunday, 19 October 2014

Did someone say new start?

 The titles says it all really, some fool (okay, that may have been me) suggested a new start SAL on the Tilton page on facebook, and as it was my stupid suggestion I was punished with being told I had to more than one start... but first things first, here's my progress on Apocalypse Princesses, Jasmine is coming together, you can see her face now. give it another couple of weeks and I might actually be able to say I've got a page finish. All I've got left if the confetti on her face, all the background is the same colour, so I can enjoy mindless stitching once her face is done.
 Secondly I have my first Tilton new start, In Her Room by Yuu. It doesn't look like much I know, in fact from the photo you can't really see anything other than the black, however the bottom left was some which stitching and some shading between the white and black. There's so much that I love about this design, the fact that it's a day and a life all at once. I know it's been done before but I still like the metaphor. However I'm also aware that at the moment it looks like neither a day nor a life, but it will, and it's lovely!
Secondly (although I actually started this one first) is Madame by Victoria Frances. She's a little creepy, but I really like her. Again, I'm aware that she doesn't look like a she at the moment, never mind a she, but she is lovely. I really enjoyed working on this one, and she doesn't look like she'll be too confetti heavy, because the chart is mostly shades of grey there aren't as many colours as you normally get in charts of this size.

There are two more starts planned over the course of today, one already started and one to be (see, four was my punishment), but I don't have photos of either of those, so they will probably appear in here next week.

Happy stitching all.


Linda said...

Love your new starts. Jasmine looks great. Please send me the link to the SAL group.


Pull the other thread said...

Great progress on the Princesses and great starts.

Rachel Tomkins said...

Oh, you naughty naughty girl! One new start is bad enough, but four?!!! Actually I love all of your starts and progress to date. I'm very interested in watching In Her Room grow as that is high on my To Do list but so big it's too daunting for me to start just yet. Good luck! :)

Miamina said...

Yay! I'm going to enjoy watching these come to life! Madame is one of my favourites and I may just have to sneak and buy her!