Saturday, 11 October 2014


I've finally finished the sword hilt, there was so much confetti, I don't even want to admit to what the back of that bit looks like, and I don't normally care what the back of mine looks like, because you don't see it, but even by my standard, it's dreadful!
Loving working on this, after a couple of weeks of fighting through that bit I'm suddenly seeing progress again. I picked up a block of colour again (the pale blue of her headdress) suddenly it's moving forward!

Hoping to have a productive stitching week next week, so hopefully I'll actually have progress to show over the next couple of weeks. I may have also been responsible for a Tilton Crafts new start Stitch Along next weekend so I'll be starting something new next weekend, in fact as it's my fault that people are doing this I'm getting pressured to start several as punishment for putting such an awful idea in to people's heads. I've definitely got two in mind, and there are another two that I'm umming and ahhing over, so next weekend could be very dangerous for me!
If you haven't checked out Shelley's beautiful charts at Tilton Crafts then I suggest you pop over by the way, she's got some amazing artists licensed, including Victoria Frances, so have a browse, there are lots of different styles, something for everyone!


Emma/Itzy said...

Nice progress!

I won't be able to join the Tilton new start SAL due to money and I am also moving house next weekend! Instead I shall cheer you all along haha :P

Heather said...

My first big chart is a Tilton. I already started though :(

Linda said...

Nice progress. Now you got me curious. What is the new SAL? And what is the Clouds Factory SAL.


Pull the other thread said...

great stitching. Well done on finishing that sword hilt.

sharine said...

Never mind the back. It is looking great at the front.

rosey175 said...

Yay for finishing a difficult confetti section! :D

The Tilton Crafts patters are amazing. I'm too slow for stuff that size though ahaha.

The Crafty Princess said...

Back smack don't worry about that honey. Look at your progress woo hoo! Apocalypse Princesses is the November SAL for Kim and I and I can't wait. And I don't happen to think the Tilton new start weekend was a bad idea at all, I thought it was Brilliant!! I won't get much done though as it's Nan's big birthday bash but hey there will be a start in there somewhere xo Alicia