Thursday, 28 December 2017

2017 targets achieved and setting for 2018

So, how did I do on last years targets? Not great if I'm honest, between the wedding and work I swear there were months where no time of spent on my own projects, especially my stitching.

Dragon Rider - 4 pages - HAHAHAHA - I managed one.
Howl’s Moving Castle - I did start this, but I was unsure about the charting so I'm waiting to see if I can get a more reliable version.
Cara Mia - I'm working across the entire bottom row at once, so it's difficult to tell, but I'm going to call it a page
Disney Princess - I probably did manage about a page on this
Merlin - Nope
Princess and the Dragon - Nope
Spirited Away - 1 page, woo hoo!
Princess Bride - Nope. although this is planned as my New Year, new start
Ex Machina - nope

Finish a couple of blankets - Baby blanket x 1 and Bens blanket, yup!
Finish the bunny - Nope
Finish the sheep hat - I did, it looked like a cross eyed cat, but I did.
Make the second damn sock - Oops, no!
Virus shawl - not in the yarn that I intended, but I did start it

The rest of my life:
Another attempt at the 200 words a day average - HAHAHAHA
Get my run up to 5 miles - the distance is up to 5 miles, I'm not running all of it thought (and I have been quite lazy recently).

2018 Targets


Princess Bride x 1
Dragon Rider x 4
Heather Theuruer x 1
Ex Machina x 1
Cara Mia x 1
Cloudsfactory x 1
Heroes and Heroines x 1
Family Values x 1
Ice Queen x 1

2 blankets (I'd like more, but I'm being realistic, I've got 5 in mind)
A bit more of the virus shawl
A Whirl shawl/scarf
Start a toft project

Rest of my life:
Yet another attempt at 200 a day
Improve my time per mile on my run (I currently sit about 12.30) and try to run more of my route (which will help my average time).
Build up (or, you know, start) Geek Girl Yarns.


Renee said...

Every bit of progress was closer to a finish. Great goals for 2018!

rosey175 said...

I would say Getting Married is a pretty big achievement unlocked haha. Your goals for next year look fun. What's a toft project?

Babs said...

Every stitch helps towards a finish :) my goals didn't work out too, so i'm not setting any for 2018, lol.

I wish you a happy and healthy 2018.

Love, Babs