Sunday, 31 December 2017

Last update of the year, and the year in review!

So here's my last update for the year (and you know what that means, New Year - New Start - decisions decisions).
Cara Mia is growing, although in a slightly grey way, although I suspect that will be the theme of this piece... who'd have thought it!

And secondly, the year in review... what has and hasn't happened?

This blanket was started while I was away as a nice portable project, I'm willing to accept that it hasn't really grown yet.

This is Belle, more commonly known as 'The Beast' and she was 2016s New Year - New Start

Cara Mia, Mon Chere was a restart after making a mistake in 2016

Cut Thru will be a gift and is probably the only new start that I can actually justify

Dragon Rider before

And after, not a big difference, but at least there is a difference!

This was my wedding present to Ben, and was the bane of my life, but I'm quite proud of the result.

This was a baby present for the friend, the border was also not my favouite by the end.

Yet another blanket

And yet another, there's a chance that I need some kind of intervention

Sailor Moon, yet another new start.

Spirited Away, I have a problem, this may have also been a new start

This one has been about for years, and I finally finished the second lady, thanks to a SAL with some friends.
Wedding crafts, you would not believe how long all the flowers for my bouquet took to make

And finally, the wall of shame, here are the things that have not been touched this year! There's a chance that I hadn't realised quite how shameful my wall of shame actually was... but, my stitching and crochet makes me happy, so I'm just going to hold on to that fact, and in the mean time, here are the pretty pictures to look at. I should probably be ashamed of how many you can't actually identify from their picture but never mind... I love my hobby, and hopefully I will have more time this, with not having a wedding to organise, and I'm hoping that work will settle down at least a little bit this year!


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Tiki said...

Lots of fun ahead for next year. Happy New Year!