Saturday, 13 March 2010

Time for an update

The continued stitching of In Love by Vervaco.
Yeah, it is still a whole lot of beige, but it's now a whole lot of beige with a little dark spot that is, let me assure you, a head, so as well as beige sky and beige sea, the picture now contains an itty bit of a person.
I do enjoy stitching this, and it's going to look wonderful once it's finished, but it's just not very photogenic during these early stages, although I have at least managed to take a reasonable picture of it for once.
This is going into hibernation for a couple of weeks now, as I've mentioned before, it's going to be a wedding gift for my dad and his fiance when they finally get round to setting a date and actually doing the wedding thing, and they're coming to stay next weekend, so I've got to make sure that this is securely hidden away while they're here, preferably in a much more effective way then when I tried to hide the one I was doing for Ben.
Haven't had much time to stitch this week, only a couple of hours, but I achieved all of the right hand side of the picture, so I've not done to badly.
This week is going to be a mixed week stitching wise, I lose my two evenings that I normally have (Monday we're going to the theatre, Wednesday I'm stuck in a meeting in Leeds until 8, so I'll be lucky if I'm home by 9 ) but I've got Thursday and Friday off work, so hopefully I'll be able to get some stitching then, more likely Thursday of the two. Friday's looking a little busier cos I've got my dad and his fiance arriving, also, in a moment of stupidity I told Ben that of course I'd be willing to be photographed for the new literature for the clinic, so Friday afternoon I have to put my money where my mouth is and actually go and be photographed. Ah well, look out for my face, in a chiropractors near you (but only if you live in Harrogate).

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demeter83 said...

I'm commenting on my own now, looking at that picture, is it me, or do his ears stick out?