Sunday, 7 March 2010

Just a quick catch up

I haven't written anything in about three weeks, and I'm feeling very guilty about that. I haven't stitched much recently cos I've been busy, in fact up until Thursday I hadn't done any stitching in about two and a half week (and incidently discovered that where my partner needs football to de-stress, I need my stitching). Haven't even read or watched much recently, so can't write about that either.
Watched the Duchess with Keira Knightley and Ranulph Fiennes the other night, which I did enjoy, but somehow don't really feel like I can review it. Saw the first half of Absent Friends by Alan Aykbourne at the theratre the other night when I was ushering, but didn't really enjoy it, so much so that when I wasn't needed after the interval I decided that I couldn't be bothered to stay till the end.
Did some stitching on Thursday night when Ben was playing a badminton match, but was working on Winter's Majesty so I've just added to the confetti and it's not worth posting an update.
Got a couple of 'stitching days' coming up though, Ive got a couple of days off in a couple off weeks and I'm planning on using one of those for stitching, and Ben's going to a stag weekend a couple of weeks after that so I'm going to have an entire stitching weekend I think.
Currently having a very lazy Sunday, debating trying to convince Ben he wants to go and see Alice in Wonderland this evening, but not convinced that I can see it happening.

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