Sunday, 9 January 2011

Winter's Majesty - if you squint it's kinda grown

I honestly have done some stitching on it, I know it doesn't look like it but I really have. There's one complete colour been added since my last update and I'm about halfway through adding a second colour, so it's grown, just not in a very visible way. I knew that Lego Harry Potter was going to be a problem for my stitching time, especially as I then got Ben lego Batman for his birthday, which we're both equally addicted to, so I'm having to be very strict with myself and make sure that I do actually do some stitching.

Thank you everyone who's commented on which HAED I should start on next, it's looking very much like a two horse race at the moment, poor Bubbles has only got two votes bless her, so it looks like it's going to be either Alice or Lance and Gwen, but who can same, I am very easily swayed, and it's not guaranteed until I actually start stitching. On this note by the way, Louanne over at Our Friends' HAED SAL has matched me up with a buddy so that I can post my progress on my first project over there. Their spaces for posters are completely full so Susan has kindly volunteered to put my posts up for me so that I can still have posts up there. I don't currently have a link for Susan's blog, but as soon as I do I'll put that up as well. I'm sure that if your a HAED fan you'll already know about the blog, but if you don't, pop over there are some lovely pieces growing at an astounding rate over there.

Finally, and on a completely unrelated note, this amused me so I thought I'd share. This is my corner in the bedroom, my bedside table and that corner of the room. It's commonly referred to as the book mountain, it isn't at the highest it's ever been, but it's not far off, and that last time it got this high there wasn't a subsidiary heap next to it. This is the 'to read' heap, and it's growing. There's a big variety books here, the ones that are lying down on top of the bedside table, I'm part way through, also the first 5 on the top shelf of the bedside table. The bottom shelf of the bedside table is my collection of books by one of my favourite authors that happened to fit there quite nicely, which I read a lot. There's a few of my dad's books in there that I've pinched the last couple of times that I've been down to visit, there's some library books, my book group book (although that's actually one of the ones lying down), and everything else, that's just stuff that I want to read, so I've put it next to the bed so that it's one of the ones that I'll think to pick up next when I'm next choosing a book. Also, the bear is sitting on three lever arch files, those are most of my cross stitch charts, there's also a row of stitching books and some kits behind the bear. Basically, this is the corner of the house that's most relevant to this blog.

How's everyone doing on their New Years resolutions by the way?
My stitching ones are going well, most of my fitness classes start this week, but I haven't done any writing yet!


Bev said...

How do you find time to read and stitch! that is certainly a big pile, cant wait to see what you decide to stitch!

Shirl said...

I thought large piles of books were banned! Well done on the amount of new stitching.
Shirl x

Pointed Stitcher said...

Love your stitching and that pile of books if intimidating :)

Joysze said...

I believe you about Winter. Sometimes it's hard to see what's been done, except that the entire piece pops cos you've filled in the missing stitches.

I voted for your next HAED project.... since I said Bubbles 3x, does that count as 3 votes? ROFL!

Maureen said...

loving that pile of books - that's an ambitious to read pile. if you haven't already decided i would go for guinevere and lancelot.

Ziggyeor said...

Wow that's a lot of books. I thought my pile was bad from the library!

Good luck on your next stitching. Off to check out your Dad's fiance's blog because I do paper crafting too!

Virpi said...

Your stitching looks lovely! I love it. Oh, you have time to read also =) I wish I wouldn't be that tired in the evenings so I could manage to read few pages.