Saturday, 13 August 2011


Another tea pot has been completed, and it looks pretty cool, even if I do say so myself, and there are only another three left, so I'm so close to finish on this, which my friend will be very grateful for, because it'll mean that she can get it framed up (should I be generous and offer to do it for her?) and give it to her friend, as it's always been intended for! About another three weeks worth left on this, but I'm going to put it away for a couple of weeks now, as the call of Dragon Rider has just been too strong.
I packed this up when I finished the back stitch last night and got Dragon Rider out and thought, 'Well, I might as well just decide which colour I'm going to do next... Well, I might as well thread the needle up so it's ready for me to start tomorrow... Well, I might as well do a couple of stitches, just to attach the cotton... Well, I might as well do this little block here... Well, I might as well do that block there now that I've decided which way round I'm going to go..." and so on, you know how it is. I'd pakced Dictionary up because I was going to go to bed, and then I lost another half an hour to Dragon Rider, ah well! So, two weeks on this, including International Hermit and Stitch Weekend next weekend, where Ben's away so I really am going to hermit and stitch, hoping to get the second page finished, where I think I'm a little under half way at the moment, it's possibly a little ambitious, but it'll be fun!
Oh yeah, and I'm about to go back and edit my Bucket List (again) and add yet another 4 on, I think that puts me over 60... it's looking less and less likely like I'm going to finish this list, because I just keep adding to it.

And on that note I think it's time to set some mid-year targets... I've just looked at my new year targets and I'm basically gonig to throw that out of the window.
1. Another page of Lance and Gwen
2. Finish the page I'm on and do the half page below on Dragon Rider
3. Next two pages of Winter's Majesty (that might be ambitious)
4. Finish Dictionary of Tea (easy)
5. Birth sampler for friends. (it's picked, but I need to finish Tea to free up the frame, and to make sure I've got all my threads)
I think it's mostly do-able, but Winter's Majesty might be my down fall as I'm a bit on off with her at the moment.

Check out the monster post... right, I'm off to decide what to spend this months audible credit on!
Wish me luck (in all of it)! Happy stitching!
Kim x


Yvon (jioya) said...

this isgoing to be a great present,i'm looking forward to see a pic of your Dragon Rider, it looks like a fun piece to stitch.

I'm trying to make a Bucket List myself, maybe i can post it this weekend.

Hugs Yvon.

Shirl said...

Wow, You are getting on so well with this. Well done youn. The end is in sight.
Shirl xx

Barb said...

Nice gift I'm sure your friend will love it. Good luck on your bucket list. I know what you ean about adding more and more to it.

Lesleyanne said...

I love your bucket list. Look forward to seeing your progress on Dragon Rider.

Lissanne said...

Your friend is going to love this, as it is turning out so pretty! I think it is great to have a bucket list, it just means we are going to live longer because we have so much to stitch, lol,

sharine said...

very pretty good luck with your goals

Heather M. said...

amazing work! I'm sure your friend will love it :)

mdgtjulie said...

It's cute, Kim. I have to wish you good luck on your goals. I don't generally set such long term goals, as I never know what my stitching time will be doing that far ahead. But if you can do it, you go girl!!! Can't wait to see your Dragon Rider update (and I have soooo totally done that very thing with my projects. I'll just thread my needle, and maybe start the thread, and maybe do a few more stitches). Can't wait to see your finish soon!!

Topcho said...

The new teapot is so cute :D Oh, and how I loved your thought about the Dragon Rider, lol! Can't wait to see your next update on him. Good luck with your goals!

Anonymous said...

DoT is just amazing =) Everytime I see it I feel like starting my Dictionary of Robins ;-)

I believe in you to meet your mid-year-goals =) You can do it!!
And I am sure that the love for Winter's Majesty will come back to you =)

Joysze said...

Love it!!!!! Hmm.... I have to remind myself to google other Dictionaries. This is just too cute.

Awesome on your IHSW weekend... I mean, it's not awesome that Ben's away, but.... you know what I mean. :D

Can't wait to see Dragon Rider!

Virpi said...

Your stitching looks really pretty. I hope you won't forget the Winter's Majesty for very long time cause I have enjoyed so much of seeing it progressing. I really love that design! =D

Tama said...

I like that pretty cracked pot. A lot.
On the up for a challenge blog you asked where I got my Snape pattern; I made him with pcStitch, with artist permisson.

Dani - tkdchick said...

those teapots are wonderful!

Sometimes we have projects we just get right "into"

Carla said...

Cab wait to see this one's going to be awesome and I'm sure your friend is going to love it!