Saturday, 27 August 2011

Tiny update

After my quite productive Hermit and Stitch last weekend I actually haven't had much stitching time this week so there isn't much progress to show, only about an hour or so. It's probably not even 200 stitches, possibly not even 100. So there honestly is a difference, but you might have to really squint to see it. There's a little more grey and black been filled in And I still love the castle, I got so excited when I could finally see the castle appear, and I do like the twists on the tree.
I'm going back to my Dictionary of Tea this week, in a final push to get it finished so it can go back to my friend to give to her friend. The end is in sight on it so that's where I'm going.
Thank you for everyone's comments on parking, I'm still undecided about that I think. I think it's quite good when doing really confetti sections, which some of this page has been, but I think I'm a cross country girl at heart, so I suspect I'm going to end up doing a combination of the two on my HAEDs, cross country for the bigger colours to give me a base to work on, then a bit of parking to do some of the more fiddly confetti bits that are needed to finish off.


Kaisievic said...

Hi Kim,
Loving your progress - it is coming along really well.

I was wondering if you could explain some things for me? What is parking? confetti? cross country?

My blog is if you want to reply there or else I will keep an eye on this post for a reply if you don't mind.

cheers, Kaye

P.S. I love the ballroom Xsttich too

Nicola said...

Its looking great xx

Topcho said...

Looking good! I have to say I love the tree twists too!

Anonymous said...

I see the difference. Filling gaps can make a huge difference, even if it's usually only a small amount of stitches.
Looks wonderful =)

Kaisievic said...

Hi KIm,

Thanks for your well-explained reply. I am definitely a cross country type of gal, I think. I like to meander across the cross stitch, especially with the HAED designs.

Thx for your kind comments re Wind in the Willows. I will see if I can dig up the pattern for you however, I finished it in 1999 so I am not sure if I still have it. Also, it might be in a rather ratty condition. Anyway, I will let you know.

Enjoy your Sunday,

cheers, Kaye xoxox

sharine said...

It is looking wonderful. I can't wait to see Dictionary Of Tea

mdgtjulie said...

Hey, whatever works for you! After all, that's what it's all about!!

wendy111 said...

Progress is progress - big or small. Looking good

Joysze said...

I love seeing this Kim. That tree trunk is so fab!!

Hmm, I like your idea of cross country and then parking to fill in confetti. Might be the perfect marriage. :)

Whoohoooo, can't wait to see Dict. of Tea finished!!!!

Kaisievic said...

Hi again Kim, I have had a hunt for The Wind in the Willows pattern but I don't have it anymore unfortunately. It was a long time ago, as I said. Sorry, that I can't pass it on to you.

cheers, Kaye xoxox

Pauline said...

You are doing well!