Sunday, 26 June 2016

Oh dear oh dear

I have nothing to show this week. I'm not being modest and saying I've not had much time, I've only done a little bit. I've got nothing, I have not picked up any projects this week, not a stitch and not a hook. Nothing, nada!

I cannot remember the last time this happened! It's just been a busy week, I have no better excuse than that, but with nothing to show why am I posting I head you ask? Because I'm going with a different idea this week, I'm asking you to show me stuff instead.

Please post any of the following in the comments:
Pretty or cool ideas that you've seen from weddings
Cool wedding dresses
Paper flower tutorials, ideally like this one, but I'm interested in whatever people suggest


Heather said...

Relax you'll get through it! In the meantime here's some pretty dresses :)

Heather said...

And these :)