Saturday, 23 July 2016

A little stitching time

It's not much, but I've managed to get a bit of stitching done, still all in the same colour, so it's nice easy block stitching, everything under the line is the same colour, so it's mindless, which seeing as we're quite busy at work at the moment is a good thing. I have also crocheted this week, but it's just the continuation of the blanket, so there isn't much to show really, and I'm ripping out another blanket which is taking a very long time because the fibre's are very lose, so I'm having to work it very carefully!

However, I did have one finish last week, (I'd completely forgotten, how is that possible).

I can't believe I forgot this, I've been taunting you with this little dude for a couple of weeks, so here he is all done, this is Groot!


Bea said...

Groot is wonderful - yay for a finish! Nice to see the stitching and sometimes mindless is a good thing.

Tiki said...

Nice job on the stitching. Groot is too cute.

Heather said...

Aww he's adorable! Lovely stitching progress too :)

The Crafty Princess said...

Ohhh I love Groot!! He looks amazing. Good job stunner xo Alicia