Saturday, 31 December 2016

Last years targets. and new targets

Again, it's the annual post of looking at last years targets, laughing hysterically at how badly I did on them

So to start, here are last years targets:

2016 Targets

Dragon Rider: 9 pages –
2.5 pages complete (this was definitely over optimistic)
Heroes and Heroines: 4 pages - 1 page
Harley Quinn: 2 pages - Nope
Ex Machina: 1 page - Nope
Coudsfactory: Border and January - Nope
A Stitch in Time: 2 pages - Nope
Family Values: 2 pages - Nope
Ice Queen: 1 page - Nope
Our Seasons: 1 page - Nope

So, my targets last year were ridiculously ambitious, I've realised that they were 23 pages, I complete a page a month, on a good month, so I've learnt to be more realistic next year!

Things that weren't on the list have have been achieved:
A sheep picture as a wedding gift
Always - hard to say, about half a page
Promise to heart - not even a quarter of a page
Altogether I've completed 4 pages this year, this is spectacularly rubbish, even my my standards! Must do better!

Finish 2 blankets (both are intended as gifts so I sort of have to) - I actually achieved this! I'm so proud!
Make Ben's second sock - Nope
Start my colourful blanket (basic repeating pattern in beautiful wool) - Sort of, I can't remember what blanket I was actually talking about, but I have started a repeating pattern blanket
Design my Ghibli graphgan, it doesn't have to be started, just designed - Nope

Other things I've achieved:
Another baby blanket on top of the two above.
A Groot
Most of a sheep hat
The start of two other blankets
The start of a cuddly bunny

The rest of my life:

Write at least 200 words a day - nope, I hit an average of 83 words a day, although that average includes the fact that there are three months with a flat total of zero
Stitchers retreat (hahaha) - Why do I do these things to myself?
Improve my fitness - Actually yes, I'm running, I'm currently doing a 5 mile route, and am running the first 3.2 miles of that without slowing or pausing, and I then walk the rest.

2017 targets

Dragon Rider - 4 pages
Howl’s Moving Castle
Cara Mia
Disney Princess
Princess and the Dragon
Spirited Away
Princess Bride
Ex Machina

Finish a couple of blankets
Finish the bunny
Finish the sheep hat
Make the second damn sock
Virus shawl

The rest of my life:
Another attempt at the 200 words a day average
Get my run up to 5 miles

So, hopefully my targets are slightly more realistic this year, let's see how I get on.


Bea said...

You did make me smile and I wish you the best with 2017 stitching, specially the second damn sock! And congratulations on the running - that is excellent improvement.

Wishing you a joyful, peaceful stitch filled 2017!

Linda said...

Great goals for next year. I don't even attempt to set goals because I know I won't meet any of them. Congrats on the running.

Happy New Year,

Rebekah said...

Best wishes in the new year and good luck with your goals for 2017. Hilarious comments on the non-successful goals, hope you reach your writing goal.

Heather said...

Any progress is great! Good luck on next year's goals!

The Crafty Princess said...

Well if this cross stitch and knitting thing doesn't work out you could always take up being a full time comic. And get that second damned sock knitted LOL!

Good luck with everything on your list and everything not mentioned on your list. I hope 2017 is a better and brighter year for you in every way.

xox Alicia
P.S. Don't be so hard on yourself honey. You got alot done.