Sunday, 11 December 2016

Tiny and tinier!

Firstly, so more neon squares, I'm aware that these will start to look quite samey after a while, but it means I can show that I have actually done something, even if it does look a lot like last week, and the week before, I'll try to make the pictures look slightly different, honest! 
Secondly it was the Takaki SAL on facebook last weekend, and despite the fact that it was me that organised it, I hardly got anything done, but seeing as I'm generally rubbish at SALs, the fact that I did anything is a major achievement for me. It is a same that Tilton no longer have the licence for Takaki, although I'm aware that this doesn't look massively exciting so far. It's such a tiny amount that it's hardly even background. 
And finally the sheep hat is looking slightly less barrister like, although I do accept that it still does. I'm hoping that eyes and ears will make the final difference.
It is slightly pointy at the top as I've discovered the best thing I have to photograph it on is a terraramundi. I was meaning to finish this weekend, but sleeping and work got in the way. Hopefully another week might do the trick though.


Bea said...

I'm liking your squares. My favourite colour combination so far is the bottom one.

Thank goodness, somebody else who doesn't do well with SALS! I join with the best intentions, but . . . . . .

I do see a hat emerging and am looking forward to seeing the embellishments.

The Crafty Princess said...

Good job on all your projects. It's cool that you have a variety to keep you entertained. I'm kind of the opposite SAL's make me stitch more, but it's gifts that I struggle with. It may be the "have" to mentality that we wrestle with.

But all in all even a bit of progress is still progress. And your wip is hinting of all the glory to come. Good job stunner

xo Alicia

Heather said...

Great job on your projects :) Any progress is progress so don't beat yourself up!