Friday, 30 December 2016

What happened in 2016

So I'm going to order this post in order of pride, starting with stuff I'm proud of and finishing with stuff that is to my shame!

Part I
So, I'm starting with my finishes (see, most proud of!)

 Sheep, I can't remember the name of the kit or who it was by, but it's cute, and purple

 There were a lot of blankets in 2016, this one is the Cosy Blanket from Attic24, but using an Ice Yarns variagated

 This is the Blackberry Blanket, but again, using another ice Yarns variagated

 This is Groot, no other words are required

And this is yet another blanket, also an Attic 24, Ripple blanket, using her colour pack. My biggest achievement to date with crochet, and as it was the first big thing I did, and I was still learning, my stitches have tightened up as I've got used to it, so one side is wider than the other.

And a last minute finish, my Sheep Hat

Part II
Stuff that has progressed over the year, either a new start or a before and after picture for the year.

Always, artwork by Kordek, charted by Tilton, started this year

Another use of the Cosy blanket by Attic 24 (it is one of my favourite patterns), this time using Mrs Moon's yarn. Quite possibly the softest thing ever

My first attempt at an Edward's Menagerie pattern, one day a bunny, at the moment, a shrivelled pear

Dragon Rider, the only project that (I think) I work on consistently each year, before

And after

Harley Quinn by Charting Creations, new start this year

Another Attic24 pattern (can you tell she's my favourite?), a start on the Harmony blanket

Finally a use for the neon yarn, I have more squares than this, but they're all variations on a theme, using (you guessed it) Attic 24's version on the solid granny square

Promise to the Heart by Kordek and charted by Tilton. Before

And after

Part III

Gallery or Shame!
I'm ashamed to say that these haven't seen so much as a stitch this year! And I'm aware this looks an absolute mess, I have up trying to make it look tidy!









Linda said...

Oh my goodness. I absolutely love everyone of your projects. I am looking forward to seeing progress on them next year.

Happy New Year,

Bea said...

Wow, you did A LOT! It's very impressive all put together like this. Hoping you'll get some stitches in the poor neglected lovelies this year.

Heather said...

You got a lot done this year! Even the shame ones are gorgeous :)

The Crafty Princess said...

You finished alot of blankets, well done! I really like that pattern too. Some really cool wips there my friend. I don't think it's a gallery of shame, it's a gallery of promise!

Wishing you all the best for 2017. I hope it's an amazing and magical year for you in every way and in everything!
xo Alicia