Saturday, 25 June 2011

I Stitch therefore I am

Do you ever feel like that, that you spend far too much time thinking about or working on your stitching, or is that just me!
I'm pretty proud of my progress this week actually, having moaned at the weekend that I hadn't achieved much during International Hermit and Stitch Weekend I then had quite a productive week. I had a day off during the week and apart from a couple appointments had nothing that I had to do, so I got stuck into my stitching, and it's actually starting to look like something, which makes me very happy. There's definite tree development, it's a lovely twisty oak tree and you can see the trunk taking shape now. And you can also see, which I'm much more excited about, the start of the castle in the background. To be fair, if you don't know what you're looking for you probably wouldn't spot them, but I do and yay! For those that aren't sure, the red smushes to the right are the turrets of the castle and you can see the beginning of the grey stone work, although I only started that colour last night, so there isn't much of that yet.
As is always the case, I've spent a week on this and got completely addicted to it again, so it's going to get a second week. I'm going to have to get back to Lancelot & Guinevere eventually (and I will, I haven't fallen out with it) but at the moment I'm indulging my addiction to Dragon Rider.
In other news, do you ever get really surprised when you see yourself mentioned in someone elses blog? I see people mention each other all the time, recommending sites or showing off the work of their friends etc, and I've mentioned other blogs in the past for no other reason than what they're working on is pretty and I want other people to see it, but I get strangely surprised and really excited and flattered when someone mentions me, especially if it's completely out of the blue. As you may have guessed from my ramblings (there's a reason why my blog was originally called Random Ramblings) I had that happen this week by the lovely Norwegianstitch so I'm going to return the favour and give her a mention. She's got some really cute kits at the moment!
And while I'm talking about random referrals, I'm going to give another one, have you ever checked out The Manbroiderer's blog? He does some absolutely gorgeous stitching and so fast as well, definitely worth a visit. Perhaps I ought to start doing a blog of the month, this month I have mostly be following... And Fast Show fans out there here the voice when they read that?
Anyway, after quite a long and rambly blog, have a lovely week, I'm enjoying seeing everyones progress, I'm actually feeling a bit guilty because I discovered you're only allowed to follow 300 blogs so I had to delete a few no longer used blogs from my list before I could add some new ones. Anyway, happy stitching!


Lesleyanne said...

Great progress. I too spend too much time looking at my stash thinking about what I would like to do next lol.

Pauline said...

You have done a lot of stitching, great!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Define "too much" :-) I find that if I go to sleep thinking about stitching it's alot less stressful than worrying about finances and the state of the nation!

This week I have mainly been following WEEDS! Yes I hear the Fast Show voice!

And only 300 blogs, I didn't know that. I thought about deleting some of the ones where they haven't posted for a while then realised it wouldn't help with my expanding reader -they don't post so they're not on it!! DUH!

Karen said...

Looking great!!!! I love it :D

Shirl said...

Hi Kim,
That is amazing progress, well done you.
Love, Shirl xx

Anonymous said...

And again you are doing lovely work. It's interesting and amazing to see how the tree trunk takes shape when you put in one color after the other. Makes me eager to see more!

Thank for the mentioning of these two blogs, I already new the Manbroiderer's Blog, but Norwegianstitch is new to me and a great blog :) I always love to find new blogs to follow :)
I don't know how many I can watch, I have a program called Newsfire to be up to date. The only problem is that it tends to crash when I put in to many new blogs at once (lets say 30... It takes in the last 5-10 posts and then it sometimes crashes...) but generally it's working good when I am not adding so many blogs. ;)

Michelle said...

You're so fast! It looks gorgeous!

Esther said...

I love this chart! I've got the no-smoking's his brother I think ;))

Never saw the dictionary of tea before and she is gorgeous!!!!

Joysze said...

Thinking about stitching instead of stitching? *snort* That would be me.... ALLLLLL the time. ;)

HAHAHAHA, that's why I titled my blog RR too. I always say that when my fingers go at the keyboard, there ain't no stopping them. I've tried to be good though.

Joysze said...

Oh silly me.... Dragon Rider looks awesome. :D

Rhona said...

I'm ALWAYS thinking of's how I manage to survive most days!! lol
Great progress, the twisty tree trunk looks awesome. Love the dictionary of teas, they are such a great series!