Saturday, 18 June 2011

A Moment of Indecision on Winter's Majesty

I had a moment of indecision about my stitching this week, as the title suggests. I started stitching on the third page this week, then decided that I really ought to do some of the back stitch instead because the idea of doing all the back stitch for this at once is just wholey depressing!
So, you can see the red smuch where I started on the third page, when you can't really see where I've started doing the back stitch on the bottom right page. I looked at the chart and though 'ooh, actually, that back stitch doesn't look too difficult, I was expecting it to me much more complicated', what I didn't notice was that a lot of it's in metallic gold :-( It's not fun! Then I fell out with it, because the chart says you should use two strands of the gold, so I started doing that, and decided that it looked far too bling and was far too difficult to stitch, it was shreading my stitching and shreading the gold thread as well so I unpicked that (that was fun) and re-did it with one strand. But I'm now trying to work  out whether I've done it in 1 strand or two because each strand is made of two strands and I'm basically very confused by it all and decided that I'm just going to do it my own way!
In other news, it's International Hermit and Stitch this weekend so let us know if you're joining in and have a happy stitching weekend. I'm back onto Dragon Rider this week for my hermitage, woohoo!
And finally, Bev has got annoyed with blogger and moved over Wordpress and to celebrate is having a giveaway so why not go and check out her new blog here and sign yourself up for her very generous giveaway.


Pauline said...

this all sounds as a very difficult work!

Virpi said...

Unpicking the gold thread - ugh =( Anyway your project looks gorgeous - I love it.

Delphyne S said...

Sorry the backstitching is not fun. That's a gorgeous piece, though. I love it.

INGRID said...

it does not look easy but she is so beautiful ... great job!

Shirl said...

Hi Kim,
I agree, bsck stitching is my least favourite part of any cross stitch project. However it is a necessary evil!
I will try and post my "story so far" today as I have been making some progress.
Shirl xx

Michelle said...

It sounds difficult, but it's a beautifull project!
Have a nice day,

Love Michelle

mdgtjulie said...

Sometimes, metallics just aren't worth it, lol. I hope you get it all straightened out! Good luck!

anojaa said...

Oh my! I hate metallic threads! Even if when finished, they look good!
Good luck with those!

Anonymous said...

I hope you can sort out your problems with the metallic thread :)
But the red stitching looks amazing, such a wonderful color!

Joysze said...

Well, sheesh! Backstitching... yuck! Gold metallic.... double yuck. Frogging... make that a triple!! But you stuck it out, so good for you. The red outline is intriguing.... I'm excitedly looking forward to more in that area. :)